About us

We are the Stevens Family- Adam, Amy, Ronan, and Penelope. 10 years ago, farming wasn't even on the radar. Despite Amy having a culinary degree, we mostly stuck with a fairly typical diet. Sure we occasionally made elaborate meals with fancy cheese, but sometimes we just wanted Lucky Charms for dinner. Perhaps it was the birth of our first, Ronan, or maybe it was the Texas heat mixed with the venom of the copperhead coursing through our veins after falling into a snake den while hunting buffalo. Ok, maybe that last one didn't really happen. But Texas really was wicked hot. Anyway, we had an epiphany that we had to change the way we were eating.

Sometimes life has unanticipated consequences. You suddenly realize that all that sick time you get each year is wasted. Why don't you get sick anymore? Then you "go crazy" and move to the country and start a farm.

Everything we do is done with the goal of improving lives. The lives of the plants, animals, customers, farmers, forest, earthworms, nematodes, arthropods, etc. We believe that while "sustainable" agriculture is to be recognized, regenerative agriculture is critical. Regenerative agriculture does not simply maintain the current system without depleting it further, it heals. It increases fertility, health, resiliency, and complexity. What could food grown that way do for your health?

Heroes? We wouldn't say that, but wouldn't necessarily disagree if someone else did. Whatever you want to call it, we are thrilled to be able to share real food with you! Food that deserves to be eaten. Fork, spork, or sharp stick, raise your chosen eating utensil in celebration and join us!

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