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Where to get our products:

Farm Gate Sales

Come out to the farm, we'd love to see you! We are open most days. Since we have young children, calling or emailing ahead to set up a time is generally a good idea.

89043 Poodle Creek Rd, Noti, OR 97461
Call: 801-652-3955

Mcallister family farm and creamery

For customers of McAllister Family Farm and Creamery in Cheshire, we are able to deliver most products to their farm.

What we sell:

Lucy, the boss cow.

Lucy, the boss cow.

Grass Fed, grass finished beef

Our pastures utilize 100% of the post cow-sumer (cow-soom-er) waste produced on our farm. How's that for recycling?

Our cows are majestic. Not like a hippo majestic, more like a half cow, half unicorn kinda way. Rest assured, our beef is 100% unicorn free. Despite what you may think after reading that, we take our beef seriously. Really, we do. Our cows move to a fresh paddock each day and dine on a variety of grasses, legumes, forbs, herbs, and shrubbery.

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Eggs + Chicken

If the above title makes you think we're going to ask the age old question of which came first, you are wrong. Obviously, the answer is: it depends on what time you wake up. Eggs for breakfast or chicken salad for lunch.

Both our meat birds and lady layers roam our diverse pasture all day, protected within electric netting to keep out predators. At night, they get tucked away in their mobile coops.

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Beyond organic veggies

Our veggies are grown with the utmost care and fertilized with unicorn poop to give them that special sparkle. That's why we call them beyond organic.

When we are short on unicorn poop we use only certified organic compost and soil amendments plus farm crafted teas to feed our soil which in turn feeds our plants. We do not use any pesticides, not even those that are certified organic.

Biologically active soil = maximum taste and maximum nutrition

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Lamb, Pork, and other meats

We raise lamb, pork, turkeys, ducks, and other animals that strike our fancy from time to time. If this strikes your fancy too, ask us what we have available. As with the chickens and cows, all our animals are raised in pasture based systems and rotated. Those that require supplemental feed also get soy free, certified organic, non-gmo verified feed that matches their needs.